PROFESSIONAL MARINE WINDOW VINYL     Crystal Clear 20/20  by makers of StrataGlass

  CRYSTAL CLEAR 20/20  series   ...Introduced at the beginning of the millennium.
 Produced by the makers of StrataGlass - the now famous S/R, UV blocking coated vinyl - Which is the largest,
 clearest, most consistent "regular" vinyl ever produced. The superiority is immediately obvious to the eye…
no hazy blueness, no fish-eye, no dimples, no distortions… and 17% larger.
USE: Boat, Windshields, Enclosures, Convertibles, Jeep, Heat-Dividers, Wind-Barriers. 
 Cold Crack -28c / -18F
The standard of three of the largest volume boat builders
in the world...

CSC:  LEFT-Side INDEX30 MIL        Crystal Clear 20/20 VINYL Sheets
Thickness: 30 MIL (.75 millimeters)  CLEAR   approx. 54" x 111" x .030"
(actually about 53-1/2" x 110-1/2";  aka 53x110)

30-mil  Clear ~ Per Sheet
One-Sheet 30 MIL
  SPECIAL $159.95  Each
  30-mil  Clear ~ FIVE-Sheet Drum
Five-Sheet 30 MIL
  5-SHEETS/$699. 30-mil
...Professional-Grade only...
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40 MIL  Crystal Clear 20/20 VINYL Sheets
Thickness:  40 MIL (1.00 mm) Finishes: 
 Clear   ~ or ~   Smoke
 approx. 54" x 111" x .040"
(actually about 53-1/2" x 110-1/2";  aka 53x110)

  40-mil  Clear ~ Per Sheet
EACH-Sheet 40 MIL
  SPECIAL $189.95  Each
  40-mil  Clear ~ FIVE-Sheet Drum
5-Sheet 40 MIL
   5-Sheets/$849.   40-mil
  Ships within USA  OR  within Canada (Based on Your Location)
OTHER Options:   STRATAGLASS Scratch-Resistant series, see:    [ STRATAGLASS SR

Regular Plastic-Vinyl Rolls:   Standard CLEAR UVR Plastic  
  SUPER-CLEAR Plastic-Vinyl Rolls:   SUPER CLEAR UVR Plastic  
EISENGLASS - Isinglass  [ Outdoor VISLON ZIPPERS ]
Note:  DO NOT HANDLE ANY Clear Plastic or Vinyl Materials With SUNSCREEN ON YOUR HANDS...
This can permanently cloud the vinyl material where handled




Approx. 54" x 111"
(actually about
 53-1/2" x 110-1/2")

1.37 meters x 2.82 meters


 30 Mil, 40 Mil

.75, 1.00 millimeters


Clear, Smoke

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