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MUNDIAL Professional World-Renowned Quality Shears  ~  Below
They Just May Be The Last Scissors You'll Ever Need To Buy...!
CUSHION SOFT Padded 9" Mundial SHEAR Professional Mundial 8" SHEAR Right-Hand
Professional Grade
 BOTH Left & Right Hand USE 
#7001 Padded 9-inch

Professional Grade
For Smaller Hand & tight quarters
#7002 Right-Hand 8-inch
Simply Resists Corrosion Better
Right-Hand  Mundial 9" SHEAR RIGHT-Hand Mundial 10" SHEAR
Professional Grade
Right-Hand   $54.95
#7003 Right-Hand 9-inch

Professional Grade
Common Size Used in workshops   $59.95
#7004 Right-Hand 10-inch
Better In Moist or Humid Workrooms
Right-Hand  Mundial 12" SHEAR
Professional Grade
Right Hand   $69.95
#7007 Right-Hand 12-inch
Simply Resists Corrosion Better
MUNDIAL 10" Heavy-Duty SHEAR MUNDIAL 12" Heavy-Duty SHEAR

Professional Grade
Multiple-Layer Cutting  
Right-Hand   $71.95
#7013 HD 10-inch RH
Professional Grade
Multiple-Layer Cutting  
Right-Hand   $89.95
#7014 HD 12-inch RH
They Just May Be The Last Scissors You'll Ever Need To Buy...!
9-Inch PINKING Mundial SHEAR Professional Mundial QUICK CLIP CUTTER

Professional Grade
Ravel-Resistant Finish   $79.95

#7015  9-inch PINKING

Professional Grade
Easily Snips Threads   $29.95
#7023 Thread Clipper

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