Professional-Grade  Specialty Grommets  ~  SEW-able GROMMETS & VENT-Grommets / Tool 
USE:  COVERS, Tops, Cushions, Mattress, Safety     
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  SEW-ON  BLACK GROMMET ~ Nylon-Plastic
HEAVY-DUTY Sew-able Black Grommets can be sewn into seams.  Has a Cold Crack
of minus-20-Degree-C.  Some uses include sporting bags, duffle bags, as well as Tents
DIMENSIONS:  approx. 2"wide x 3-1/2"High    Hole:  approx. 3/4"w x 1-1/8"h
  Sew-able Grommets

SEW-able Grommet


2"wide  >

Hole:  3/4"w x 1-1/8"h
 50pc-Pack / $59.95  
50-Piece-Pack (FIFTY Pieces)
 250pc-Pack / $199.95  
250-Piece-Pack (TWO-Hundred & Fifty Pieces)
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 Grommets   ~    VENTS & WASHERS
Brass 3/4" vents and washers. Requires the special die, part #9022 to set (Below).
 Uses Include:  Mattress, Cushions, upholstery, bags, and any other application

 where airflow is a concern.
Hole Diameter to be punched for setting is 9/16".  Brass 3/4" vents and washers.
When set they will allow air to escape from cushions and pillows.
Use anywhere that small amounts of airflow are required in textiles.
 #9021 Grommet VENTS   Gross (144 set) Pack 
$79.95 per Gross/Pack
144-sets  Gross-PACK VENTS

   HAND SETTING DIE For VENTS (Shown On Right)    ~ Use For Vents above...
This special die quickly sets the ventilators. Merely punch your 9/16" hole,
set the ventilator with the neck up on the base, and then slip the fabric and washer
in place, a few even taps with a rubber or composite mallet will set the vent.

$29.95 Ea ~ Tool
#9022 Hand Setting Die for Vents
Notice for die longevity: Never strike a die with a metal hammer. Always use a rubber or composite mallet for hole punching or setting grommets or fasteners. A steel hammer strikes such a severe blow that the metal in the dies absorbs the entire shock and begins to crystallize. This crystallization begins to weaken the dies, which will become brittle and fail prematurely.)

Cushion/Mattress VENT Grommets
Grommet VENTS

TOOL for Vent:

TOOL For VENT Grommets
 For Above VENTS

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