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Gore-TENARA THREAD  100% PTFE   ~     When Only The Very BEST Will Do...
Available in Thicker  #138   or  Popular   #92   size Thread, in 1/2-lb Spools (also #69)

 Gore TENARA is from the same Fiber in NASA Space suits...
Resistant to UV degradation...  Mildew and Rot-proof...  Non-wicking resistant
 to most chemicals...  You may never have to replace your seams again.
UV-Sun-Resistant,  Water-Repellent ~ Resists Fading, Rot, and Mildew.

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 LUBRICATED for High-Speed sewing : sz-92 (Most Common), sz-69 (Thinner), or sz-138 (Thicker)
Gore/TENARA THREAD . . . 300-Meter (Less Quantity)  Use for Awnings, MARINE, Outdoor Upholstery (Below)

SMALLER-Quantity-Spools : For HIGH-Quality Custom-Jobs : In Larger Industrial-Machine-cones only.
USA Addresses only
    Gore/TENARA THREAD . . . 300-Meter-Tubes
(Less Quantity for Smaller Jobs)   To USA-Addresses only
Choice of
sz92, or 69
(Sz69 in Clear only/Thinner)
sz92/sz69 300-meter 
  ONLY $69.95 EACH Spool 92 (1400-Denier) Or 69 (1000-Denier)
Lubricated  approx. 300-meters (approx. 328-Yards)
SIZE-69 M1000LTR OR SIZE-92  M1000TR-L 300-mtr (Above)

SMALLER-Quantity-Spools on Industrial-cones
SIZE-138 (Thicker) M1003HTR 300-mtr BELOW : USA Addresses only
Gore/TENARA THREAD . . . 300-Meter-Industrial-spool . . .  Thicker SIZE 138
(Less Quantity for Smaller Jobs)   To USA-Addresses only
sz138 / 300-meter-Tube
  ONLY $74.95 EACH Spool / Sz 138 (2500-Denier)
Lubricated  approx. 300-meters (approx. 328-Yards) Thicker/Heavier-Weight
300-Meter / On Industrial-Machine Cones only : In USA Only
RED, White, BLACK, CLEAR, NAVY-Blue, BAY-Blue, Forest-GREEN, Lt. GRAY
 (Colors as noted in drop-down menu) This Thread may outlast the fabric itself...
SELECT:  Lubricated Use for a Cooler Running Needle  (for high speed sewing)

RED, White, BLACK, CLEAR, NAVY-Blue, BAY-Blue, Forest-GREEN, Lt. GRAY (*noted in drop-down menu)
is a remarkable thread manufactured from 100% expanded PTFE fiber (known as Teflon). 
Gore Sewing Thread will not deteriorate from exposure to the elements.
An ideal choice for Outdoor Fabric products such as marine and awning canvas.
 Gore TENARA thread is unaffected by temperature extremes and is chemically inert.
This thread is pre-lubricated for a cooler running needle,  so you can sew at higher speeds.
 (Also in Non-Lubed below, for Hand-Sewing and Special applications in larger quantity tube.)
...Some COLORS May Be Discontinued In the smaller tubes, but may be Available in the Larger-quantity tubes...
Note:  sz138 Is Thicker than sz92...  sz69 is Thinnest offered/Above.
M1000 and M1003 CODES:  H=sz138-Thickness;  TR=Lubricated; 300-Meters/328-Yards;  K or L=Clear; Bk=Black;  Wh=White; etc

USA:  Marked Items SHIP To USA Addresses only (unless noted otherwise above)...

USES:  Awnings, umbrellas, and architectural fabric structures. RV 'pop-out, Covers and awnings, Artificial Turf installation
Outdoor furniture and garden structures Diving Equipment Hunting Blinds Marine Bimini tops, dodgers, seat cushions, and
other Marine canvas Tennis and football nets Convertible tops Equestrian and canine sports equipment Hot air and
weather balloons Gliders....

 TENARA Thread is immune to UV degradation, retaining its original breaking strength longer
than many acrylic, polyester and cotton/poly threads.

UVR-Thread:  CSC (610) 767-7555
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 SHIPS DOMESTICALLY In USA -or- In Canada (No Border-Crossing Required) ... Ships Domestically.
Ideal for outdoor applications: awnings, umbrellas, architectural-fabric structures, RV pop-outs,
covers, artificial turf installation, outdoor furniture, garden structures, diving equipment, hunting blinds, gliders,
marine Bimini tops, dodgers, seat cushions, other marine canvas, tennis nets, football nets, convertible tops,
swimming pool covers, equestrian and canine sports equipment, hot air and weather balloons.

 *Please NOTE:   The Actual Colors May Vary From Those Viewed On The Screen...
Different Computers and Settings, Monitors, Flat-Screens, Lap Tops, and Processors May Depict Colors Differently,
as I'm sure most of you have concluded...
Our Listings are for those familiar with these product lines and the colors...
Please Be Sure you know what you are ordering,  since All Sales Are Final...

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