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ENGEL HOT KNIFE Machine  ENGEL HSG HOT KNIFE    (Shown with RS-Blade)   ~ 
A Tool No Workshop should be without...  A Fabric cutter, Made To Last.
 Also this small Type HSG is easily used in separating thin
 materials and
for cutting round or irregular shapes in Fabrics.
This light, convenient cutter is suited for work such as
 pattern departments, cutting out awning, filter cloths,  sail materials and other fabrics as well as for cutting
 and welding synthetic cords, webbing, and ropes on the fly. 
As well as the cutting tip, there is an RS cutting tip...
This is a 70 Watt capacity heater that runs on standard household current 110v.
The weight of this unit 1 kg.   A blade takes 6-8 seconds to heat up...  Virtually Eliminates Fabric Fraying.

The heat can be approximately controlled by using the on/off action of the switch.  German Engineered...
A Very Wise Investment...
  Sold In Parts, so you can get what you need. 
Perfect For Sunbrella, Para, Dickson, Stattler, TopGun and similar Fabrics

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~  Easily Cuts, Shapes, & Welds Synthetic FABRIC, WEBBING, CORDS  ~
German Engineered ~ The Real Thing...   Purchase Below
  Heat Cutter  ~  ENGEL HSGO HOT KNIFE ( Blade Options sold Separately, below ) 
 Blades Sold Separately below (Not Included).  110v Machine... 
C851 HSG-0    ~ Cuts Synthetic Fabric/Webbing/Cords
 Also, perfect For Cutting and Sealing Sunbrella, Para, Tempotest, Dickson, Stattler,
 TopGun, Odyssey, Polyester or Acrylic Fabrics...  (Virtually Eliminates Fraying)
 Machine $299.  Each
EACH Engel HSG0 Machine Unit 110v
110v Heat Cutter Unit
  Engel/HSG  ~  RS CUTTING BLADE  for Hot-Knife above -  HSG  
 Curved Cutting Blade for easy maneuvering. #2837/C852  RS-Blade Each
Excellent for Synthetic Fabric, Webbing, Cords, Curves and Design-cuts
(Works Great with Sunbrella, Para, Tempotest, TopGun, and Dickson Fabrics.)
 Only $69.  Each
RS BLADE For Engel
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  Engel/HSGM  ~ Standard BLADE For HSG Knife above

 Standard Thin-Point Blade is Excellent for separating small material.

 Only $69. Each
EACH Standard Blade

Standard BLADE For Engel

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