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SPORT-LIGHT   58"wide  Fabric 
100% Nylon with PVC Coating0420-Denier; 48x34 Threads per Square Inch.
 ~  SPORT LIGHT 58"wide ~     13.15oz/SY  (21.18 per Lineal-Yard)
Sportlight 1111 Burgundy.jpg
Sportlight 1111 Burgundy
Sportlight 2222 Forest.jpg
Sportlight 2222 Forest
Sportlight 44 Orange.jpg
Sportlight 44 Orange
Sportlight 55 Yellow.jpg
Sportlight 55 Yellow
Sportlight 66 White.jpg
Sportlight 66 White
Sportlight 77 Black.jpg
Sportlight 77 Black
Sportlight 905 Platinum.jpg
Sportlight 905 Platinum
SPORTLIGHT Sportlight II 8 Oak.jpg
Sportlight II 8 Oak
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$17.95 PER YARD Length  x  58"wide SPORT LIGHT Fabric
~ Two-Yard Minimum Order
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Sportlight 699 Silver.jpg
Sportlight 699 Silver
Sportlight II 994 Flor. Orange.jpg
Sportlight 994 Flor. Orange
Sportlight 33 Royal.jpg
Sportlight 33 Royal
Sportlight 309 Midnight.jpg
Sportlight 309 Midnight
Sportlight 305 Blue.jpg
Sportlight 305 Blue
Sportlight 11 Red.jpg
Sportlight 11 Red
Tear Strength (CAN 2-4.2 - M77 Method 12.3 Pendulum): 25 lb. Warp, 17.5 lb. Weft Elongation (CAN 2-4,2 - M77 Method 9.2 C.R.E. Grab): 58% Warp, 51% Weft Tensile Strength (CAN 2-4,2 - M77 Method 9.2 C.R.E. Grab): 408 lb. Warp, 304 lb. Weft

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Nylon is not suitable for boat tops, travel covers, tonneau covers or other outdoor applications. P.V.C. can crack or peel with exposure to extreme cold or solvents. Product fades with prolonged U.V. exposure.
Product Cold Crack is equal to or greater than -20 degrees Celsius (-4 Fahrenheit)
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