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For WINDOWS Boat / Convertibles ~ LAMINATED CLEAR VINYL   . . .  40 gauge/Mil-thick  PANELS
 FIRE RETARDANCY:  Passes MVSS-302, ASTM D-568 (Self Extinguishing)
 40gge CLEAR UVR Marine Plastic   
For Boats Or Convertible Car Tops   ~   PANELS / Rolled   ~   Purchase Below
Superior Laminated  ~  Marine/UVR  ~  Available In 40-gge CLEAR (as noted below)

 40-gauge/Mil Thick:   CLEAR Plastic Panels  ~  Thickness: 40-GGE (1.00 millimeter)

40 gge Laminated 2 Layer Windows Plastic. Heavy duty construction. Interleaved to prevent scratching...
UV Resistant.   40-GGE  Product Cold Crack is equal to or greater than -28 degrees Celsius (-18 Fahrenheit)
Dimension-CHOICE: 24" x 54"  Interleaved -OR-  29" x 62"  Interleaved

40-GGE ~
29" x 62" CLEAR
  $74.95 Per-PANEL 29"x62"

40-GGE ~
24" x 54" CLEAR
59.95 Per-PANEL 24"x54"
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Click For CSC  INDEXClick For CSC  INDEX40 GGE...  USES:
Eisenglass-style enclosures, Boats, Wind Barriers, Porch, Enclosures, Convertibles, Jeep, Barriers, Upholstery, Greenhouse, Curtains, Covers, Etc.
Suitable for boat or convertible tops, larger American car tops  or smaller Import vehicles.
Clean with Mild Soap and Water.
100% Poly-Vinyl-Chloride (PVC)
Product is Rot & Mildew Resistant. 
Boat Outdoor Window Product
Product Width is 54 inches (137 cm).
UVR (Ultra Violet Resistant)
Use With Boats Or Convertible Car Tops
Ships within USA  OR  within Canada     (Based on Your Location)
For IsinGlass-Style EisenGlass-Enclosure window Use
Note:  DO NOT HANDLE ANY Clear and Vinyl Materials with SUNSCREEN ON YOUR HANDS...
This can permanently cloud the vinyl material where handled.

Other OPTIONS:   Standard CLEAR UVR Plastic 40gge to 14gge  SUPER CLEAR UVR Plastic   EISENGLASS

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 Items Ship from USA Or Canada (Based on Your location)... NO Border-Crossing necessary.

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