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~ First-Quality Professional-Grade ~    ALUMINUM Framing TUBING ~ Cut & Full-Length Bundles
TUBING ~ CSC (610) 767-7555 [ STAINLESS TUBING<  Scroll Down  >  [ ALUMINUM Round TUBING ]
NOTE:  These Packages may be over Eight-Feet LONG ...

  S/H is Based on Length + weight.
All Tubing Cut  (as noted) For easy Shipping Purposes...  (To Keep It Low Cost)
For Full-Length (Un-Cut; Address-Required), Call For Truck Freight Costs (usually over $150-299)

For Framing, Marine, Boat, Pontoon and Awning      SQUARE ALUMINUM  TUBING   ~   Scroll Down  >
 ALUMINUM : 1-1/4"SQUARE Width & Height x  .062  TUBING  
CUT, approx.    #FITTU8376-Alum;
 Clear Anodized (5 Lengths Cut)
 1-1/4" Square Alum Tube 24ft.  Seamless Aluminum Square Tubing.
 24'Length/CUT;   Width/Height: 1-1/4"sq ; Satin Finish .062 Alloy Tempering Is 6063T5
 Uses: Used for the construction of boat Frame, Bimini, Awning, Pontoon Top
$689. for FIVE 1-1/4"sq x 24ft/L CUT As: 
 CUT SQUARE 1-1/4"W/H/Sq TUBES (5 x 24-ft = 120 Total) .062-wall
Alum 1-1/4" SQ-TUBE
SQ-TUBING ~ CSC (610) 767-7555
Gray: Mill-Finish (Not White)
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1-1/4"SQUARE: Additional SINGLE-Lengths (24ft) available @137.80/Cut-as-noted each + s/h, on request
 *When Ordered in same shipment.

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 ALUMINUM : 1" SQUARE  Width & Height x .058-wall TUBING  
 CUT, approx.  

 1" Square Alum Tube 24ft.  Seamless Aluminum Square Tubing.
 24' Thickness: 0.058 (Wall) Diameter: 1" ; Features
Anodized aluminum.
 Product Contains Clear Anodized Aluminum.  Uses: Used for the construction of boat
 top frames.  Mechanical Properties Tensile Strength: 283-317 N/mm2 / 41-46 K.S.I.
 Yield Strength: 255-290N/mm2 / 37-42 K.S.I. Elongation(1.97"): 11-16%
Polished Bright Dip Aluminum. (5 Lengths Cut)
$499. for FIVE 24ft/L CUT As:
CUT:  1" SQUARE-TUBES (120-ft Total) .058-wall

TUBING ~ CSC (610) 767-7555
Aluminum TUBING

Click For 1" Square

1"SQUARE: Additional SINGLE-Lengths available @99.80/Cut-as-noted each + s/h, on request
 *When Ordered in same shipment.
Other CUTS Totaling 24ft available via Phone request only (limits apply). 
Fully Inspect All Packages Upon Arrival with Deliveryman.

*All Cuts Usually Shave-off the cutting-blade's-width from the total-length; All Cuts Are approximate.

If Combining Different Tubing-types In Same-Order, Call for Shipping-Cost adjustment first.
*Some Locations May Require Added Shipping Costs and to outer-areas, Territories, and Maritime.
Quick INDEX ~ Find It FastSIZING INFO ~ CSCAll Tubing Cut  (as noted) For Shipping Purposes...

MAXIMUM Shipping-Length (USA Addresses)
 via FedEx/UPS Is 8-feet...

MAXIMUM Shipping Length (CANADA Addresses)
via Purolator Is Ten-feet...

  For Full-Length (Un-Cut;  20-ft and 24-ft long), Call For Trucking Freight Costs (usually starting over $150-299)

(Recommended For Full-Bundle Quantities, due to their minimum freight costs/charges)
TUBING ~ CSC (610) 767-7555


NOTE:    MARINE FITTINGS Are  Sized By The Marine-TUBING OUTSIDE Diameter...

> SELECT PART To View > >[ CAPS Eye End ] [ Rafter-TEE ] [ Front/Rafter BAR-Clamps [ Head Rod Clamps ]
 [ Tie-Down Clamps ] [ SlipFit Elbows ] [ Camel Back HINGES ] [ Post Sockets ] [ Awning RAIL and WELT ] [ Cleats ]
  Square-Tube-ALUM  Round-Tube-ALUM 

 *Please NOTE:   The Actual Colors May Vary From Those Viewed On The Screen...
Different Computers and Settings, Monitors, Flat-Screens, Lap Tops, and Processors May Depict Colors Differently,
as I'm sure most of you have concluded...

Our Listings are for those familiar with these product lines and the colors...
so Please Be Sure you know what you are ordering,  since All Sales Are Final...


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