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Awning Hardware ~   Awning FITTINGS

SLIP-FIT EYE END Caps, Rafter TEE, AWNING Fittings - Hardware Parts, Schedule 40 Fittings 

Alum  Offset RAFTER/SLIP TEE   for 1.315"OD  #600
 OFFSET Rafter Tee allows HD individual or dual use. Use together, it is
 adjustable to 90 degrees...  Added Strength.

For Piping 1.315" OD (over 1-1/4"OD ) / Outside Diameter.

OFFSET For Versatility
TWO Needed For this

 #j2360  (1"ID-Sched40/1.315"OD)
$34.95 for TWO



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Alum  UPRIGHT TEE   for 1.315"OD  #601 (This item in US only)
 UPRIGHT Tee and above Rafter-Tee with offset allows  individual or
 dual use. Used together, it is adjustable to 90 degrees... Flush Corners.
For Piping 1.315" OD (over 1-1/4"OD ) / Outside Diameter.

As above, but with...
UPRIGHT-Tee w/Rafter-Tee above;
One Of Each Needed For this
 Configuration... Or Vertical Upright

$34.95 for TWO


   OD = Outside Pipe Diameter;  ID = Inside Pipe Diameter   :   READ Below . . .

IMPORTANT Read Carefully:   AWNING FITTINGS Are Sized Based On Schedule-40-Pipe's INSIDE-DIAMETER
(With A Larger Outside-Diameter)... See The Noted ID And OD figures provided for each fitting,
And Compare To The ACTUAL MEASUREMENTS On The Pipe Which You Are Using...
If not sure, using the actual OD measure of the Pipe, compared to the OD figure below, may be wiser.

FITTINGS  for Awnings 
The aluminum hardware is cast alloys that are best suited to each applications.
All parts have a smooth surface with a bright finish.
Set screws, hinge screws, bolts and nuts are of stainless steel unless otherwise indicated.  
Many of the parts appear similar to their counterparts in the boat top trade, they tend to be
larger castings and in many cases are not as well finished as the equivalent boat parts. 

 IMPORTANT:  READ Before Ordering
The measurements for these fittings are based on the pipe sizes of Schedule 40 Pipe,
which is measured by the inside diameter of the pipe, not the outside as with marine fittings.
1/4"ID Schedule 40 pipe has an outside diameter of 0.540 (OD) inches (over 1/2"OD ),
1/2"ID Schedule 40 pipe has an outside diameter of 0.840 (OD) inches (over 3/4"OD ).
3/4"ID Schedule 40 pipe has an outside diameter of 1.05 (OD) inches (over 1"OD ),
1"ID Schedule 40 pipe has an outside diameter of 1.315 (OD) inches (over 1-1/4"OD ).
 OD = Outside Pipe Diameter;  ID = Inside Pipe Diameter

EXAMPLE 2:  If Your Schedule-40 AWNING Piping has an Inside-Diameter (ID) of 3/4", 
and a Outside-Diameter (OD) of just over One-Inch, Then You would Use the 3/4" Fittings...  
If not sure, Call or E-mail me...



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