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HIGH PERFORMANCE ~  CSC SUPPLY:      Awning Marine Fabric & Flooring  ~

Specialty  ADHESIVES

ADHESIVES:   Professional-Quality Marine, Fabric, and exterior Flooring Adhesives,
Each Formulated for specific material applications.

FABRIC ADHESIVES:  Read Each Carefully... (Choices Below):   470 Feather Spray, 3m Foam Fast 74, Fabric Adhesive, Hi Tack 76 3m Adhesive, 80 Super Trim, 3m Adhesive for Rubber and Vinyl, JefBond 88, Foam and Fabric Adhesive,
JefBond 99 Trim Adhesive, 476 Spray Foam and Particle-Board Adhesive, FABRIC ADHESIVES, 3M Fabric Adhesive

 470-FEATHER-SPRAY  ~  Adhesive
ALL PURPOSE FEATHER SPRAY ADHESIVE Feather Spray 470 provides a strong tack and builds strength quickly. It is excellent for bonding fabric, paper, burlap, cardboard, foam, felt, cork, rubber and plastics to themselves and to metal, glass, wood and other surfaces. An efficient and economical solution for your bonding needs. 13 Oz. Can.
#j1011:   Sluyter   470-Feather-Spray 13oz-Can
Adhesive $34.99 for 2
For Two Cans
SPECIALLY FORMULATED FOR FOAMS AND UPHOLSTERY TYPE FABRICS. Permanently bond foams and a wide range of fabrics to wood, rigid plastic or themselves. Ideal for foam backed fabrics such as display fabrics or headliners. Very fast tacking, speeds up complex jobs. Easily controlled spray pattern. Works very well on both urethane and latex foams, and delivers a soft glue line. High solids, high coverage rates. Dries tack free and odor free. 17 oz container.
#j1021:   3m   Foam-Fast-74   17oz Each
Adhesive $44.99 ea
  3M  ~  HI TACK 76 Adhesive 
Well known 3M quality in a premium non-misting adhesive. Features a unique lace-like spray pattern to allow you to vary spray width and rate. Gives you the control to spray to the edge: not over. Spray 76 bonds fiberglass insulation, fabric, carpet, supported vinyl, paper, felt, burlap, cardboard, cork, foil, rubber, many plastics, etc., to themselves and to wood, metal, glass and other surfaces. Not recommended for Styrofoam. Allows up to 10 minutes join time with single surface applications and up to 60 minutes when applied to both surfaces. 16.6 oz. container.
j1031:  3m  Hi-Tack-76    16oz   Each
Adhesive $48.99 ea


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  3M ~ 80 SUPERTRIM ADHESIVE  ~  Rubber and Vinyl 
SUPERTRIM ADHESIVE: CONTACT CEMENT IN AN AEROSOL 3M's 80 spray adhesive for rubbers and vinyl is a high strength neoprene contact adhesive with excellent heat resistance, maintaining strength at temperatures up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Bonds rubbers, supported vinyl, leathers, flexible foams and plastics to themselves or wood, metal, particle board and many other materials. (However, not recommended for polyethylene or polypropylene.) Faster drying than traditional contact cements, with a tack range from 4 to 30 minutes. Because it will not break down with heat or water, it is ideal for heavy weight headliners, hood silencer pads and vinyl tops. Contains no ozone depleting ingredients. 18 oz. can
80-Supertrim-Adhesive  18oz   Each
Adhesive $66.99 ea
  JEFBOND  ~  JefBond-88 ADHESIVE: 

ECONOMICAL FOAM/FABRIC ADHESIVE: JEFBOND adhesives are an effective and economical alternative to higher priced products. Designed to bond urethane foams and fabrics to metals, supported vinyl, wood, paper and leather. Has a unique lace spray pattern offering low soak in for a better, soft pliable bond. It has a fan spray tip for controlled placement of the glue. This product offers a fast tack while being economical for the user. For best results surfaces must be clean and dry, and temperatures above 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Shelf life of one year.
#j1118:   JefBond-88-Adhesive  12oz-Cans

Adhesive $34.99 for 2
For TWO Cans
CSC (610) 767-7555
ALL PURPOSE SPRAY ADHESIVE. General Purpose Adhesive designed to work on urethane foam, fabrics, metals, wood, paper, leather, and is an excellent adhesive for urethane foam backed headliner fabrics to molded headliner substrates. It is not recommended for headliner applications directly to metal surfaces where it would be exposed to the heat applied by direct sunlight. Utilizes a fan spray tip with lace spray pattern to give excellent control and low soak for a soft, pliable bond. Fast tacking and economical.
Not recommended for non-backed vinyl fabric. Materials being bonded must be clean and dry, free of grease, oils, dirt, paint and moisture. Can be used single surface on porous material, or two surface for non-porous. Maximum recommended tack time 5 minutes in most cases. Shelf life of one year.
#j1119:  JefBond-99-Adhesive  12oz-Cans
Adhesive $36.99 for 2
For TWO Cans

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  Adhesive  ~  476-SPRAY ADHESIVE 
Adheres to many types of Flexible Polyurethane Foam Latex Foam Fabric, Polyester Fiberfill, Wood, Plywood, Particleboard, and many Plastics and Metal surfaces

PREMIUM ADHESIVE Spray adhesive 476 is quick tacking and fast curing to ensure a strong and permanent bond. The unique product formulation and adjustable 3-way valve work together to provide optimum spray control for any application. Even the slim 13 oz. can has been carefully sized for easier handling. Engineered to minimize wasteful soak-in. Adjustable nozzle eliminates over-spray and gives smooth, even coverage.  This new formula eliminates all ozone depleting substances and chlorinated solvents: safer to use and better for the environment.
#j1132:  Sluyter  476-Spray-Adhesive  13oz-Cans

Adhesive $39.99 for 2
For TWO Cans
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