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Professional Workroom Tools      ~     Webbing Heat Production CUTTERS 

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WEBBING/Cord HOT CUTTERS     ~     Time-Saving Production Tools

 Heat Cutter ~  PRODUCTION HOT CUTTER Click For CSC Left-Side INDEX
This is a heavier heat cutter for webbings for larger production operations. It is capable of cutting several layers of webbing at once, depending on the thickness. It requires only normal 110v household current to cut and fuse webbings at a high volume.

 Cost effective unit  - Protective hood/heat shield - Operator safety and comfort 4" cutting blade - High volume/multiple cutting - Heat resistant base - Efficient continuous operation Variable heat controls - Durable, reliable equipment.   Cuts and seals synthetic webbings, cords, lacings and tapes in one operation.
  Replacement blades are available (below)

    (One 4" Blade Included with unit)        Production Hot Cutter w/Blade

SPECIAL $999.  Each
Each ~ HOT CUTTER includes One Blade and Element. 110v


  4-Inch Replacement BLADE   For Production Hot Cutter #9877 above
 4" Replacement Blade     Each
$79.95 Ea
Each  ~  Replacement 4-inch BLADE
4" Replacement Blade
  REPLACEMENT 4-Inch ELEMENT  For Production Hot Cutter #9877 above
 Replacement Element     Each
$149. Ea
EACH ~ Replacement 4-inch ELEMENT
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 COMPACT HOT Webbing & Cord Production CUTTER   
  110v   Perfect For Webbing, Cords, Laces, Tapes, Drawstrings, and Ropes.
  This compact bench-top cutter is intended for cutting webbings of up to 2" in width.  Using heat to cut the webbing fuses the ends and prevents the unraveling that is common with cut webbing ends.  Do both steps at one time.  Because this product has a warm up cycle, it is recommended that webbing be cut in batches, although the unit can be left on.  This unit is economical enough to be viable for most shops who have a regular need to cut and fuse webbings. It gives a smooth, finished end to the webbings.
  Replacement blades are available ~  One 2" Blade Included w/machine (As shown)
 Hot Cutter unit w/Blade     Each
 ONLY $399.  Each
EACH   Compact HOT CUTTER w/2" Blade
Compact HOT Cutter ~ CSC (610) 767-7555
110v Hot Cutter
with 2" Blade
H: 3"  W: 4"  L: 5"
 For #9876 above   ~  2-Inch Replacement BLADE For Compact Hot Cutter
Replacement Blade for Above
$69.95 Ea
Each   2" Replacement BLADE
2" Replacement Blade
For Above Cutter
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