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CANVAK ~ 303 FABRIC-GUARD ~ AquaTite :   303 High Tech Fabric Guard, Canvak, Aqua Tite, Scotch Gard, 303 Aerospace Protectant, High Tech Fabric Guard for Sunbrella and Marine Covers

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   303 High Tech Fabric Guard - Professional  
Container May VaryContainer May Vary
Protects all new or cleaned outdoor fabrics from water, dirt, grease and sun damage...
Water & Stain Repellent  ~ Protects fabrics from fading and stains.  

A must for Convertibles, Boat Tops, Covers, Upholstery,  & Outdoor Fabric.
"Outdoor fabrics" refers to any woven textile made with synthetic fibers, acrylic,
polyester, olefin and various blends including cotton.
~  Containers May Vary
 303-High-Tech FABRIC GUARD 16oz Spray  ~ Covers up to 100sf 

Hi-Tech Fabric Guard SPRAY 16oz    $27.95 Each

Quick INDEX ~ Find It Fast  Recommended for Sunbrella & Para Fabrics   Spray Above;  Gallon Below...
One spray restores lost water repellency to factory new levels
and protects against fading for up to 3 years...
Treated surfaces repel dirt, grease, water, oil-based stains
and impede mildew formation.  Each Gallon can treat 500 to 800 square feet.
  303-High-Tech FABRIC GUARD Gallon Refill 128oz 

  #7158 Gallon Refill  ~ Covers up to 800 square feet. 
Hi-Tech Fabric Guard GALLON 128oz     $159.95 Each

CANVAK Canvas Preservative (Below)

A Heavy-Duty, Economical Water-Resistant finish for prolonging life in Tents, Tarpaulins

and Covers made with canvas...
   It contains fungicides for Mildew-Resistance... 
A waxed-based compound used for heavy-duty textiles... 
It does not leave a residual, tacky or greasy feeling... 
This Item may require added shipping cost, due to contents.
 NOT  Recommended  for use on vinyl finishes nor synthetic fabrics
(NOT for Sunbrella, Dickson, Para-Tempotest nor Acrylic Fabrics).
~  Container May Vary

 One-Gallon CanVak 

  ONE-Gallon   $49.95 128oz / USA only

NOTE:  Shipping Costs Are Higher on Transporting This Chemical Content,
Due To Federal Regulations and UPS/FedEx Surcharges on it.

 CanVak SIX One-Gallon-Can Case ~ Below

  Six-Gallon Case   $249.95 Cs / USA only

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 303 Aerospace PROTECTANT   Renew Vinyl, Leather,  Rubber, Plastics, and Fiberglass.
Beautify and Preserve, Restore Luster and sheen to surfaces faded by sun and weathering...
(NOT for Sunbrella, Dickson, Para-Tempotest, Sattler or Acrylic Fabrics).

 Quart 32oz Bottle ~ For Vinyl / Leather / Plastics  

32oz Bottle   $39.95 Ea ~  Container May Vary

 Pint 16oz Bottle ~ For Vinyl / Leather / Plastics  

16oz Bottle   $24.95 Ea ~  Container May Vary

AquaTite  Water-Repellency for Fabric

AQUATITE Green Spray/Liquid  is a Premium grade dual-action water and stain repellent...
 It will restore the repellency of Cotton or Synthetic Fabrics. 
Eco-friendly green and clean technology product. lower levels of VOC'S

(VOLATILE ORGANIC COMPOUNDS) than current regulations.
Spray rating AATCC22-100 Water based stain repellency-11 Oil based stain repellency-6-7
Use on Leather, Canvas, Acrylics, Nylon, Polyester, Boat Tops, Tents, Awnings and more...

 Aqua-Tite -    Quart Spray 32oz  j7166  

  32oz Quart
   $35.95 Ea


 Aqua-Tite -    GALLON Refill  j7165 

  Gallon 128oz
   $99.95 Ea

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 SCOTCH-GARD  Protector For Fabric & Upholstery is the easy to use,
odor free Protectant that causes spills and liquids to blot up before they

could turn into stains.  100% Free of CFC's and ozone depleting chemicals...

  Case of  12 cans      
Twelve-14oz Can / Case  $199.95

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