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Over 1,000 SUNBRELLA Selections At the CSC TEXTILES  Web Catalog60"wide SUNBRELLA ALLOY   OUTDOOR FABRIC
...This Fabric Series ALLOWS LIGHT And WATER To PASS Through...
 14.50 ounces per square yard / ACRYLIC - PVC - POLYESTER
 60" (152.4 cm) Width...   Priced By The Linear-Yard  (One Yard = 36"Long X 60"w)
BY-THE-YARD  Length continuous (Not Pieces)
CSC (610) 767-7555
4401-0001   SILVER
CSC (610) 767-7555
4401-0002   BRONZE
CSC (610) 767-7555
4401-0003   STEEL
CSC (610) 767-7555
4401-0000   VAPOR
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60"w YARDAGE ~ ALLOY Series
 By-The-YARD Length
  ONLY   $29.95 Per-YARD x 60"w Sunbrella ALLOY

< < < Please Order A MINIMUM Of TWO-Yards / Combined > > > 

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...This Fabric ALLOWS LIGHT And WATER To PASS Through...

New Sunbrella specialty shade product ALLOY is a contemporary shade fabric featuring a metallic look
with a unique shimmer.  This streamlined product offers a soft hand and is available in four colors...

Base Fabric, approx.: 11.4% Sunbrella Acrylic, 63.9% PVC, 24.7% Polyester
Finish/Coating: FluorocarbonMildew Repellent  ~  Put Up: 45 yd / 41.1 mtr (for Full-Roll)
Shrinkage Factor: None  ~  Water Repellent, But Allows Water Through  ~  Width: 60 in

Sunbrella-60"wide         NEXT >      Sun-80"w  PLUS-series

~ CALL For Full-Roll Prices ~

 SOLIDS:  4600 to 4622  4623 to 4646  4648 to 4679  4674 to 4693 
  Reds /Yellow 4602 to 4666 60"w  Marine-60"w PLUS STRIPES: 4751 to 4799  4806 to 4889
 4891 to 4948  4949 to 5704   Sun-WEBBING  6001 to 6033   6031 to 6083 + Reds
PLUS: 8401 to 8479  80"w: 80001 to 80046 Sun ALLOY   Sun SUPREME
SUNBRELLA Furniture Fabric: SOLIDS   TWO  STRIPES  FOUR  FIVE  Specialty 

 PhiferTex PLUS Solid       PhiferTex Screen MESH      PhiferTex Mesh Patterns


 *Please NOTE:   The Actual Colors May Vary From Those Viewed On The Screen...
Different Computers and Settings, Monitors, Flat-Screens, Lap Tops, and Processors May Depict
Colors Differently,  as I'm sure most of you have concluded...
Our Listings are for those familiar with these product lines and the colors...
Please Be Sure you know what you are ordering,  since All Sales Are Final...
Thanks,  CSC/ Dave :o)


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